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Ion Matrix Technology Tempered Glass Shatter-Resistant Resists Scratches and Fingerprints Reinforced Beveled Edges Doesn't Interfere with Touch Sensitivity

Available in : Ultra clear Blue light cut Matte Privacy

Perfectly designed for Apple iPhone X / 10 (2017) with enhanced case friendly design and full coverage premium clear HD quality screen protection. Natural 3D Touch Sensitivity keeps all the original feel of the advanced screen for immediate responsiveness without any interference with the new display sensors. Tough 9H Surface Hardness rating provides...


Anti Knock Dust Resistant Fitted Case Geometric Design

Call on +230 2110955 for More Info! Introducing the iPhone 11 Pro. A transformative triple-camera system that adds tons of capability without complexity. An unprecedented leap in battery life. And a mind-blowing chip that doubles down on machine learning and pushes the boundaries of what a smartphone can do. Welcome to the first iPhone powerful enough to...

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