This photo was taken on the opening (31.12.11). Featuring the team and friends.


101 usually refer to a return to the basics, foundation level a particular domain, and in our case attention to the technology and multimedia sector.

Our motto ‘ We Put You First’ somehow symbolizes our thriving success by always being market-driven in providing new technology products FIRST to the Mauritian market on a regular basis.

Multimedia Shop

We are a multimedia store dealing with all types of modern technology and equipment.

Forward Thinking

We think forward to satisfy our customer and to provide the best service and products to them.

Problem Solvers

We always have a solution to your problems concerning your multimedia equipments.


We provide an outstanding customer support with rapid feedback and response.

Our Story

101 Multimedia was founded in 2010 by a small team of highly creative, forward-thinking, enthusiastic and talented people. We distinguish ourselves at that time by combining innovative ideas and strategic thinking based on a strong commercial understanding of the technological and multimedia market in Mauritius. We started with one outlet and today we have expanded into three different outlets all located at Medine Mews in Port-Louis.


We are ‘ONE’ team working together for ‘ONE’ common objective for satisfying all our clients!
We’re all about empowering and developing our dedicated team to thrive in providing better services and support to our valued clients.

what 101 means

Reeaz Torabally

Post : Founder

About me : I grew up in Alfortville a small commune in the southeastern suburbs of Paris until my parents decided to return back to Mauritius in 1996 when I was aged 12. I never had the chance to adapt properly with the school curriculum here and I found it difficult at that time to cope with the new academic structure being very different from the one I was used to France. I dropped out very early and stopped school without any certificates and became business partner with my dad in around the year 1999 at 15. I since started to travel often to Malaysia & Singapore to take care of my dad's business there on a regular basis until he passed away in 2003 (Rest in Peace DA).

It will be a big lie and an overstatement to say that I already knew about the success of ONE O ONE when it was first opened in 2011. I didn't see it coming and no one else could predict where we would be today. It was a meteoric rise with each year passing by since 2011 and if I had to single out the most important thing that help ONE O ONE to be where it is today was that ONE O ONE took the first mover advantage on the local market and was the first company which started to bring many latest technological and lifestyle items as soon as its worldwide release at an affordable price. ONE O ONE keeps bringing that international market closer to all Mauritians by breaking many barriers and putting all Mauritians F1RST !!

We don't want to be just a shop but an experience.
We want you to shop where we would have wanted to shop.
We serve you in a way we would have wanted to be served.


Working Since : 2011