ZAGG Rugged Book Keyboard and Case for 9.7" iPad Pro

New product

  • Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
  • Polycarbonate and Silicone Case
  • Keyboard Detaches via Magnetic Hinge
  • Four Display Modes
  • Backlit Keys
  • Up to 2-Year Battery Life

Rs3,750.00 tax incl.

Quickly type and protect your 9.7" iPad Pro with the Rugged Book from ZAGG. The Rugged Book comes with a detachable keyboard and a durable case, which is constructed from polycarbonate and soft silicone. The keyboard sports backlit keys and wirelessly connects to your 9.7" iPad Pro utilizing Bluetooth technology. To power these features, a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery is on board and lasts up to 2 years between charges. Aside from power, ZAGG has equipped the keyboard with a magnetic hinge that forms a firm connection to the case. Additionally, this hinge lets you easily change between Keyboard, Book, and Video modes or quickly detach the keyboard without removing your iPad from the case.

Polycarbonate inlaid frame with durable silicone covers a stainless steel plate that provides protection and a solid typing surface
Backlit keys make typing in low-light situations easy
The lithium-polymer battery lasts up to two years between charges
The magnetic hinge converts your Rugged Book into convenient Keyboard, Video, Case, and Book modes

4 Viewing Modes

Case Mode - lets you use your iPad without the keyboard
Book Mode - the magnetic hinge allows you to reverse the keyboard to protect the keys while you read
Keyboard Mode - the magnetic hinge holds your iPad at virtually any viewing angle, while backlit keys set in a spacious typing area ensure fast, accurate typing
Video Mode - reverses your iPad so you may set the screen at a preferable viewing angle to watch videos in comfort

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