PGYTECH Accessories Combo for Mavic 2 pro

New product

  • PGYTECH Accessories Combo perfect for DJI MAVIC 2 PRO/MAVIC 2 ZOOM
  • Only include Accessories Combo,Do not include the drone,remote control
  • Proper size, light weight and small voluem,easy to carry
  • You will get one DJI Mavic 2 Landing Gear,two Propeller Holder Parts ,one Remote Control Rocker Protector and one Remote Controller Clasp Lanyard

Rs4,800 tax incl.

Description of Landing Gear:

Material: ABS,silica gel
Height: 35mm
Net Weight: 22g
Package Weight: 47g
Package Dimensions: 12.7*8.5*2.6cm
Raise your mavic 2 drone by 35mm/1.38inch, which makes take offs and landings that much safer from any terrain
Soft ABS silica gel cushion pads, effectively decreases the vibrations when landing, and prevents the risers from falling off during flight
To prevent the gimble will be dirty or damage when taking off or landing

Description of Propeller Holder:
Material:Silica gel
Net weight:20g
Package weight:40g
Package Size:9X6.2X3.8cm
To protect the propeller from damage when transportation
Designed for quickly installing and dismantling
It uses silicone material and accurate forming

Description of Remote Control Rocker Protector:
Material: high-strength ABS
Net Weight:15g
Package Weight: 28g
Package size: 14X5X2.7cm
Provide effective protection to control stick and display screen of the remote control
High-strength ABS material, plastics injection from a complete
Precise the suitable to the hook face of the remote control

Description of Remote Controller Clasp Lanyard:
Main Material: Stainless steel
Main Color:Black
Net Weight:19g
Package Weight: 28g
Sling length: 537mm
Clasp size: 5.3x5.1x2.3cm
Stainless teel shrapnel is applied for your immediate installation
Length of the Lanyard is Adjustable
The remote arms still can fold when the hook is appled

Packing Includes:
1 X Landing Gear
2 X Propeller Holder Parts
1 X Remote Control Rocker Protector
1 X Adjustable Lanyard Sling and Clasp

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PGYTECH Mobile Gimbal Bag (model P-OS-018) Use for DJI Osmo series, Zhiyun Smooth and certain Feiyu and Moza Packaging Size: 420mm*210mm*25mm Net Weight: 200g Material:Polyester Sold by authorized US dealer

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